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Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre is the best rehabilitation center specialized in providing support for physiotherapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapies. Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre is always striving for continuous improvement in the quality of care, even though ISO certification of hospitalization methods. In addition, all staff in every ward in the facility work on pediatric pain management by participating in the Painless Hospital project.

This Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre aims to provide rehabilitation support for children aged 0/18. The first stage involves the appointment and evaluation of the patient and then the preparation of the rehabilitation program. Patients are sent to an outpatient clinic by a pediatric neuropsychologist, who demonstrates the performance of speech therapy, neuromotor rehabilitation, and neuropsychiatry during the course and duration of treatment.

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Empowering kids, children, people with speech and language problems to speak more clearly.

Many families seek out a developmental assessment early in a child’s development. Concerns or red flags may have been communicated by parents, family members, doctor or pediatrician, daycare provider, teacher, early interventionist, speech therapist, occupational therapy, behavior specialized psychologist or other health care, wellness professional. .