Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre- the Best Rehabilitation Clinic in Hyderabad

Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre is the best rehabilitation center specialized in providing support for physiotherapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapies. Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre is always striving for continuous improvement in the quality of care, even though ISO certification of hospitalization methods. In addition, all staff in every ward in the facility work on pediatric pain management by participating in the Painless Hospital project.

This Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre aims to provide rehabilitation support for children aged 0/18. The first stage involves the appointment and evaluation of the patient and then the preparation of the rehabilitation program. Patients are sent to an outpatient clinic by a pediatric neuropsychologist, who demonstrates the performance of speech therapy, neuromotor rehabilitation, and neuropsychiatry during the course and duration of treatment.

Patients are evaluated by a neurologist and rehabilitation specialist who can benefit from the expertise of a pulmonologist in intensive care neurological rehabilitation department. The ward psychologist will speak and follow up with both the patient and parent as needed.

Our Mission

The spirit that gives energy to our path is in patients in light of pioneering scientific research, ground-breaking tools, and rehabilitative treatments aimed at restoring the best oral communication and the best quality of life. In particular, Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre represents the complex and obvious reality of providing support services exclusively to pediatrics and performing educational and research activities. This, in many respects, represents the development of pediatrics.

Our Medical team

Dr. Prashanth Utage

He is a child consultant and adolescent neurologist with years of experience in Autism. He has worked as a fellow (Pediatric Neurology) in Wadia Hospital for Women and Children, Mumbai. He also has experience as DNB (Pediatrics ) in Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital, Andhra Mahila Sabha (DDH, AMS), Hyderabad.

Dr. Swetha Garlapati

She is the Consultant Development Paediatrician with a special interest in Autism, Hyperactivity, Motor Delay, Speech Delay, Poor School Performance, Behavioural Issues & High-Risk Newborn Followup. She has done a fellowship in Development & Behavioral Pediatrics in CDC, Trivandrum.

Types and medical conditions of patients treated with developmental rehabilitation services at Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre

At Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre, rehabilitation physicians, pediatric neuropsychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and physical therapists work with children ages 0-18 in developmental rehabilitation services. Interdisciplinary collaborations, parenting, and nursery and primary school counseling are important. The service also works with the services of psychologists. At Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre, we specialize in

Occupational therapy: Occupational therapists support the child’s overall development. It deals with children with physical, mental, and social developmental disabilities and children who find it difficult to play, learn, plan, or carry out activities in their daily lives. Movement ability is also evaluated and encouraged (modify, balance, dose intensity, draw, write, cut, etc.). The Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre team also works on perceptual abilities (perception of the body, assessment of risks, etc.); Cognitive abilities (thinking, learning, planning, memory, attention, concentration, etc.); Independent (change of clothes, dressing, eating, personal hygiene, organization of the room, etc.). If necessary, an occupational therapist will help you choose the right help.

Speech therapy: Speech therapy aims to support the child’s overall development, support language skills, and enhance social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Speech therapists at Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre can prevent, assess, advise and treat, read and write, breathe and speak, master (bark) and swallow (suck, chew, swallow) speech disorders (understanding, language generation, vocabulary, grammar, narration). Our speech therapist also evaluates and treats adult patients with fluid disorders (stuttering). Contact Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre to assess. the educational conversation. Our speech therapist also evaluates and treats patients with functional and organic disorders and patients with orofacial tumors

Physiotherapy: Children with the following disabilities are treated with physiotherapy: Sensory, developmental disorders resulting from genetic disorders (e.g., Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, etc.), birth complications (cerebral palsy, plexus paralysis, etc.) and secondary trauma (fractures, head injuries, etc.). Inaccurate posture and musculoskeletal system abnormalities (such as asymmetry in the position of the head, deformities of the foot, the curvature of the back, scoliosis, etc.) are also treated. Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre also provides therapies for chronic disorders accompanying movement disorders (arthritis, musculoskeletal disorders, etc.). An important part of treatment is promoting motor development or learning or restoring physiological states and movement patterns. In physiotherapy, children are supported by learning to exercise and finding ways to move better in their daily lives.