Child Psychiatry

Psychiatry and psychotherapy of children and adolescents constitute the medical discipline that examines, treats, and assesses in children and young people until the end of adolescence the diseases and psychic, psychosomatic, and psychosocial disorders as well as those related to development.
The Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre welcomes you to the child psychiatry department. The service is a general child psychiatry service receiving children from 0 to 15 years old, more particularly oriented towards the diagnosis, orientation, and management of pathologies in young children. The service is part of the Pole of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre and offers various sectors of clinical activity.

Our mission in child and juvenile psychiatry is to provide a diagnostic approach in order to prevent and/or treat psychological disorders in children and adolescents. Our child psychiatry service is made up of a multidisciplinary team: child psychiatrists, psychologists, special educators, nurses, secretaries, psychomotor therapists, social workers, speech therapists, music therapists, etc. Our professionals work together to develop an individualized care plan in consultation with the families and respect the confidentiality due to the child and the adolescent.

Pathologies treated In young children :

  • 1 – Early detection of developmental disorders (oral language, cognitive, psychomotor)
  • 2 – Attachment and interaction disorders.
  • 3 – Autistic Disorders and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders).
  • 4 – Guidance parentale.
  • 5 – In school-aged children:
  • 6 – Acquisition delay, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia.
  • 7 – Disorders of social and behavioral interactions
  • 8 – Pathological personality development
  • 9 – Conduct disorders in the family environment.

In adolescents:

  • 1 – School, family, behavioral problems.
  • 2 – Violence, suicidal attempts, and thoughts,
  • 3 – Harassment

In the perinatal period:

  • 1 – Disorders of early parent-baby interactions
  • 2 – Perinatal depression of parents
  • 3 – Generalized anxiety disorder of parents
  • 4 – Puerperal psychosis
  • 5 – Traumatic childbirth, denial of pregnancy, complicated life story

Our Child Psychiatry team

The Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre welcomes children aged 6 to 12 years old. These children have long-term psychopathological disorders that require more intensive care than outpatient consultations. A proposal for intensive care is offered, with a multi-week reception, on therapeutic activities using various mediations.

Our multidisciplinary teams welcome and support children or adolescents suffering in particular from behavioral problems, problems adapting within their family or school, language acquisition difficulties, eating disorders, or even addictions. (drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.).

Our Child Psychiatry department proposes:

  • 1 – specialized consultations;
  • 2 – receptions in therapeutic groups;
  • 3 – day hospitalizations.

It also participates in networking with partners involved in the field of childhood and adolescence. The Child Psychiatric Unit aims to offer children a therapeutic framework allowing the development of a diagnosis in its entirety, multidisciplinarity, and continuity of care with a work of construction in the network.

Child psychiatry is a medical discipline specializing in assessing and treating issues related to mental health in children and adolescents. At Clinique Tandem, our child psychiatrist acts as an expert consultant to the professionals on the team.

Why consult?

Consult if your child is under the age of 13:

  • 1 – sleeps badly, eats badly, is often sick without somatic origin
  • 2 – Is irritable and inconsolable, throws temper tantrums, and is defiant
  • 3 – has contact difficulties, avoids the relationship or does not have pleasure in the exchanges, does not speak and does not communicate or badly
  • 4 – shows weak or excessive emotional reactions or inappropriate attitudes, or limited or repetitive interests
  • 5 – presents a state of intense and lasting sadness, shows anxiety
  • 6 – stagnant in their emotional, intellectual, and playful development
  • 7 – has no imagination or locks itself in a dream world
  • 8 – does not integrate well at school and in groups
  • 9 – can’t get over a difficult story, an accident, a serious illness, a life ordeal, or bereavement

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