Child Psychology

Some disorders cannot be resolved in a medical and biological context alone. For this reason, our psychologists work with pediatricians, neuropsychologists, and neuropsychologists at Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre to focus on children’s psychological development and the whole family’s well-being.

During the visit, parents can help assess situations such as school problems, emotional management difficulties, and language delays, and they are directed towards optimal strategies and treatments to overcome difficulties. The behavior of children and young people is a cause of discomfort and deficits in the development of key developmental tasks. Psychology services at Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre welcome parents to provide special support to deal with and solve problems.

The following symptoms often manifest as the most common disorders:

  • 1 – Learning difficulties
  • 2 – Anxiety disorders
  • 3 – Behavioral disorders
  • 4 – Emotional difficulties
  • 5 – Rejection and school refusal
  • 6 – Phobias and phobias
  • 7 – Sleep disorders
  • 8 – Beautiful girl
  • 9 – Eating disorders

What does the process consist of?

Emotional/behavioral assessment and individual psychotherapy

Our child psychologists always start by assessing your needs to find the best way to meet them. It generally assesses the child’s psychological function (strength, attention, development, etc.) and the circumstances surrounding the initial demand (factors that can cause, reinforce, and maintain existing difficulties). With experience in child development, our psychologists can help understand whether a child’s difficulties are typical of normal development or require follow-up. They also discuss their recommendations and the most effective ways to meet your child’s needs.

Treatments with children are pursued in collaboration with parental efforts in a climate that supports young people’s independence and development. Children have the opportunity to have their own space and a moment to focus fully on their own well-being and development. Sometimes the elements discussed at the meeting can be applied to his daily life and challenged to embody them in his actions. Therefore, the child will gain a better knowledge of himself, a better ability to assess himself, and a sense that his needs have been heard and understood.

All our psychologists have developed solid expertise in child and adolescent psychology. Our psychologists have the ability to apply personal knowledge and skills through a listening, empathetic and flexible approach.

In psychology, there are many approaches that guide clinical understanding and intervention: cognitive behavioral therapy, systemic therapy, humanistic psychology, psychodynamic therapy, and play therapy. At Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre, psychologists use some of these techniques and consider the situation to choose the one that seems to be most effective. All psychologists can encourage dynamic collaboration between practitioners, doctors, children, and parents and provide parental guidance.

The Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre team takes teamwork very seriously to improve efficiency and personal support. If necessary, psychologists can work with other professionals within or outside the team to improve service consistency.

Contact our child-friendly team. 

The entire team of psychologists at Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre has particular experience in treating children and adolescents: Knowing how to establish a relationship of trust between young patients and their parents is actually the foundation of successful treatment activities. Our Child Psychology team can help you in:

  • 1 – Developmental psychological counseling
  • 2 – Psychological evaluation
  • 3 – Individual and family psychotherapy counseling

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