Early intervention

It is very important to intervene as soon as possible to allow the child to develop harmoniously and to treat and prevent developmental disorders and delays that are usual outcomes of various neonatal diseases.

The early intervention also allows parents to be helped to understand the important needs of the child and to support him in his daily growth. early intervention treatment also improves the parent-child relationship, significantly increasing the child’s well-being and health.

At Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre, we offer specialized early intervention services for your child. The early intervention takes place in a protected environment, with treatments of 50 minutes each, recommended by neonatologists, pediatricians, child neuropsychiatrists and by all those clinicians who, after returning home from hospital treatment, entrust their little patients to professionals who are experts in growth and in the re-harmonization of the child.

Early intervention favors the child’s development in the period of its greatest plasticity. Made in a team with Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre staff, it includes:

  • 1 – Multi-sensory integration
  • 2 – Basal stimulation
  • 3 – Infant massage
  • 4 – Parent assistance
  • 5 – Optimization of home environments
  • 6 – Monitoring of the stages of growth and advice to educators in the enabling, educational, and play activities.

What do our early intervention services include?.

It is an early intervention path composed of activities within the studio, carried out in a protected environment and with particular characteristics, and interventions at home, which serve to act directly on daily growth and family habits, establishing a climate and implementing conditions that favor and stimulate growth and psychophysical well-being.

The early interventions at Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre include:

Multisensory qualification- It is an enabling activity for the child and takes place in an environment and with highly perceptible materials. It aims at strengthening the sensory systems and the ability to process data from the various sense organs to accelerate development and improve learning ability, and sensory integration is very useful in case of sensory deficits and neurological damage.

Parenting support intervention- It is a specialized consultancy activity for parents, which takes place in the most important phases of the child’s growth, provides parents with the necessary advice and tools to take an appropriate educational and relational approach with the child, regaining possession of the parental function thus decreasing their sense of discomfort and disorientation.

Relational activation- It is an activity aimed at the child of psychological qualification that stimulates the appearance of basic relational skills and the development of expressive and functional language.

Infant massage- It is a deep stimulation activity that takes place with the child, is pleasant and intimate, that is taught to parents to contribute to the stimulation of the nervous and sensory system and of interpersonal skills. It also favors contact and the modulation of emotions and allows for a harmonious and serene relationship. It is also very useful after the troubled and traumatic phases of hospitalizations and painful and invasive treatments. Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre provides parents with a means to communicate and be in contact with their children and stimulate their growth and health, strengthening the bond of attachment.

Small group guided game- Activity carried out to promote cognitive and social learning and the psycho-physical well-being of the child in a playful, highly motivating context, offering parents at the same time a repertoire of playful activities to be offered to their children even in their free time / at home.