speech therapy and audiology

Child speech therapy and audiology aim to diagnose ENT pathologies in children and to provide them with adequate assistance for their treatment. Infantile Audiology takes care of hearing-impaired children, following them from the neonatal age or from a later age (from 0 months to 6 years) and throughout their rehabilitation process, but also for children suffering from other pathologies that are more evident; common, such as exudative otitis media and tubal phlegm.

Phoniatrics is the science that studies verbal communication and swallowing in all age groups and related disorders. The speech therapist is the medical specialist who carries out the diagnosis, while the speech therapist supports him in the evaluation phase and implements the rehabilitation activities.

The Speech therapists at Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre deal with the prevention and rehabilitative treatment of speech and communication pathologies in developmental, adult, and geriatric age; he also deals with the scientific study of human communication, associated disorders, and swallowing.

Our Child speech therapy and audiology service are aimed at the treatment of:

  • 1 – Oral speech disorders
  • 2 – Severe verbal communication disabilities caused by pre-peri- and postnatal damage, genetic and metabolic syndromes
  • 3 – Rare diseases
  • 4 – Severe psychopathologies (autism)
  • 5 – Learning disabilities (sld)
  • 6 – Speech disorders secondary to deafness (sensorineural hearing loss)
  • 7 – Congenital malformations of the lip and palate (cleft palate)
  • 8 – Voice disorders – dysphonias
  • 9 – Speech fluency disorders – stuttering
  • 10 – Swallowing disorders dysphagia
  • 11 – Motor disorders of the joint – dysarthria
  • 12 – Dementia and other degenerative pictures (parkinson’s, primary progressive aphasia, psp, etc.)

Visits and exams at Creative Child Rehabilitation Centre

– Otolaryngology visit – physical examination with micro-otoscopy

– Behavioral audiometry test – the child is asked to respond in any way to very soft sounds. For older children, the test can also be done as a game, while for newborns, the best verification test is that in which they respond to acoustic stimuli by turning their head towards the sound source.

– Auditory evoked potentials or ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response) – to determine the functioning of the auditory pathway at the level of the brain stem in infants or young children who cannot be subjected to a reliable methodology for behavioral tests.

– Acoustic Otoemissions (OAE) – the only test that allows you to check whether the cochlea (part of the inner ear) is working or not. Sounds are sent to the baby’s ear, and a microphone records the responses.

– Tympanometry and study of stapedial reflexes to determine the quality of functioning of the eardrum and middle ear.

– Multidisciplinary speech therapy, ophthalmology, child psychological/cognitive, and infectious disease treatment.

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Our Child speech therapy and audiology Service is responsible for the diagnosis and therapeutic treatment of disorders and pathologies of verbal language, speech, speech, and hearing in developmental age:

  • 1 – Medical visits and audiometric tests for all childhood pathologies of the ENT district
  • 2 – Indications and prosthetic prescriptions (hearing aids and implantable prostheses)
  • 3 – Integration with speech therapy assessments, where necessary, and speech and deafness rehabilitation activities for patients under the age of 18 years.

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